Calcium Supplement Reviews

The number of calcium supplements available on the market is tremendous. You have calcium pills, softgels, and liquids. Some come with other minerals. Others contain Vitamin D. Some websites will tell you calcium citrate is best, others will tout the lost cost benefit of calcium carbonate. And still others will urge you go with calcium the comes from plants. Amongst all of this noise, which calcium supplement is superior? Is there really a way to know which supplement is best? Let's start by taking a look at calcium carbonate supplements. These, by far, are the cheapest of calciums available. And for good reason. They must be taken with meals, otherwise they aren't likely to be absorbed into the body. And since this form of calcium is alkaline, it can cause indigestion. Now, let's take a look at calcium citrate. The main benefit of this supplement is that it's naturally acidic. This means that you can take without meals, making it much easier to take. It is more expensive than calcium carbonate, but the ease of use make it obviously superior choice. Finally, we have herbal calcium drops. A review of these products shows that they contains herbs, such as Shavegrass, Horsetail aerials, Raspberry leaf, Nettle leaf, and other herbs that contain calcium. The herbs are usually mixed with alcohol, water, and/or glycerin to pull the nutrients out of the herbs. The benefit of using herbal calcium is that it's already in form that the body recognizes. It's not required to take this with meals, because it's already in plant form. And they drops usually taste good, as they are sweeten with the glycerin. Clearly, the review of calcium supplements points to plant-based calciums being superior for the main fact that the calcium has already been converted by the plant into a healthy form for utilization by the body. After all, humans aren't designed to eat rocks (which is what calcium carbonate basically appears to be). Calcium citrate appears better for absorption, but it's an industrial made product. Therefore, after reading all these calcium supplement reviews, it's concluded that plant-based, herbal calcium comes out at the clear favorite.